Groups Participating in Our Community


Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Our Mission
Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principle of faith working  through love in the promotion of justice, equality, and the advancement of human rights  and human dignity for  all.

Our Motto
Unity and Charity

Contact: Melissa Mellen


Endow Women's Group


Endow (Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women) seeks to educate women toward a more profound understanding of their God-given dignity through study in small groups of faith and friendship. Rooted in the teachings of Pope St. John Paul II, Endow affirms the genius of women – the feminine genius – and empowers them to fulfill our culture’s desperate need for an authentic feminine presence in every aspect of life and society.

Endow believes that the deepest transformation of heart and mind is through intimate relationships in a small group. We’ve seen this proof of concept since the early church. Small group communities create the most lasting impact on human development. By unpacking our rich Catholic heritage together, we create opportunities for women to learn, build deep friendships, and deepen their relationship in Christ.

Contact: Diane Harmon


Knights of Columbus


Together, we’re empowering Catholic men to live their faith at home, in their parish, at work and in their community.


We are Catholic men who lead, serve, protect and defend. We share a desire to be better husbands, fathers, sons, neighbors and role models and to put charity and community first.

Contact: Steve Ruder

Confraternity of Christian Mothers


They guide the destinies of homes; that is why God is relying on mothers to keep Christ in the world by keeping Him in their hearts and homes.  Under the special patronage of Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, Christian Mothers are encouraged joyously to undertake the important task of training and sanctifying the young souls entrusted to their care. They are instructed with ways to edify one another by word and deed, to support one another by fervent prayer and in this way become the mainstay of the spiritual life within their own family, and a fruitful source of blessing to the community in which they live.

The Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers leads campaigns that promote real solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by society. We challenge the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are proud to be a force for positive transformation.

Contact: Renee Wiseman