Art & Environment

The Art & Environment Ministry consists of any individuals willing to donate time to the beautification of our church and grounds. Ministers do things like mow and maintain the landscaping of the grounds, tend to the flower beds, water the flowers and plants in the church, and decorate the church for its various seasons.

If you would like to be part of the Art & Environment team for Our Lady of the Woods or St. Peter Chapel, please contact the parish office at 719.687.9345

Martha & Mary Ministry

The Martha and Mary ministry is made up of a group of dedicated parishioners who are committed to prayer and caring for our church facilities.

We spend time cleaning various areas in the Church, Chapel, Parish Center, Halls and Administration buildings. Attention is given to polishing vessels, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, dusting, and other details. We are always on the lookout for whatever additional cleaning is needed in our parish. Another important aspect of this ministry is that we commit ourselves to praying for harmony and growth in our parish community.

With more volunteers, we are able to increase the time between scheduled cleaning dates. This ministry offers a “behind the scenes” way of serving. It also allows for families with children a way to serve together. Volunteering together strengthens the family by promoting positive values, creating new opportunities to communicate and focusing on the importance of teamwork. It is good for people who travel during the week or people who may only have a couple of hours to serve. Volunteering builds new friendships. If you would like more information about serving with this ministry please see the contact list.

Many hands make for light work. If you are interested in helping with this important ministry, please contact our facilities manager, Dianne Buchholz, at 719.687.9345

Offertory Ministry

The Offertory Ministry consists of teams of people who meet to count, record and deposit the offertory and special collections from the weekend. Each team has a different week to meet, and each team has a lead counter, with another 2 – 4 members to complete the team.

The count takes 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete. A new member must be trained by one of the leads before they begin regular duty. The church follows strict procedures relating to the method and process followed for counting and recording income and offerings.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Heather Davis at the parish office at 719.687.9345.

St. Joseph's Workers

The St. Joseph’s Workers is a group of men and women who care for the maintenance of the church campus buildings, and the surrounding grounds. Each person has their own gifts they bring to the team, whether it be carpentry skills, general maintenance skills, a love for painting, gardening, or just putzing with things. We need you all!

The team meets at least once a quarter to go over the list of repairs and needs, and make decisions about how they should be handled. On a regular basis the facilities manager will call the Job Coordinator, who has a list of people and when they are available to help with ongoing maintenance, such as hanging pictures, changing light bulbs, planting flowers, helping move furniture, etc. The team members keep close watch on the campus to see if there is anything in need of repair.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Danny Keuhlen at 719.687.2645